Monday, February 10, 2020

International Management paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

International Management paper - Essay Example On the other hand, during Jurgen Dormann's tenure, the company's key aims were rationalization, redesigning of the company, saving money, avoidance of non-core business and simplicity (Burham et al, 1998). ABB needs to formulate its organizational structure on account of its product lines, competition, market coverage and location. To remain a key player in the industry, ABB needs to, among other things, treat internationalization and global diversifications with care and not rush it, fill its leadership gaps and address its performance issues. Moreover, the company can do itself a favor by making use the East Asian financial crisis to their benefit, addressing its pension benefits issues, minimizing its asbestos-related liabilities and adapting to the changing global competition (Bergrenn, 1996). A complex organization structure is not healthy for a company since it could lead to a financial downfall that can end up affecting its global operations, growth and market value. It could also lead to corporate retrenchment, loss of market share and a negative image for the company (Bergrenn, 1996). If I were Fred, I would make an effort to learn more about the Japanese culture, their social life and how they relate to other people, especially foreigners. I would also try to get their perception of Americans and generally try to put them at ease by encouraging them to open up at give their views on opinions. I would encourage my wife to do the same and try making friends with them. What should have been done differently The company management should have given Fred more time to study and find more information about Japan. If possible, the company should have given them some tour of Japan to make them make informed decisions. The family, on its part, should not have had too many expectations about their new location, and instead have realistic ones, and the flexibility to adapt. Case 3: Avon in Global Markets in 2007 Avon's operations in global markets Avon lays its emphasis on managerial skills; as opposed to technical skills, multiple management perspectives, tolerance for ambiguity and ability to manage and work with others. The company also has several global management teams that consist of managers in several countries and regions, relying on group collaboration, aimed at achieving optimum success and attainment of the company's goals. Dealing with a culturally diverse workforce and a multicultural marketplace in the coming years Since 70 percent of Avon's revenues are generated outside the United States, the

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