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Governments Role in an Interconnected Global Financial...

Recent events have merely confirmed what economists have known for some time, namely, that the interconnectedness of global economic activity renders macro-management by single governments redundant. Their function is now to regulate markets to ensure economically efficient solutions. This essay will argue that the 2008 financial crisis has brought to the forefront of global political consideration what some economists have known for some time. This is that 1) The global financial system is inherently flawed and cyclical recessions are a product of its nature 2) The interconnectedness of the global financial system means macro-management cannot fully buffer an economy against these cyclical recessions 3) Policy has†¦show more content†¦Kumar (1996) compares trends/fluctuations in key macro-economic variables in India pre and post 1991, both before and after initiation of new Indian economic policy in 91. These reforms included, amongst other things, the opening up of the Indian economy for international trade (prior to this India was a socialist state not involved in these markets) plus investment and heavy de-regulation processes. These particular changes to this policy allow for great insight into the impact of de-regulated, international capital trade on previously effective macro-management. He observes that this new economic policy increased economic instability which facilitates speculative activity, particularly resulting from financial sector liberalisation and the opening up of the economy. He adds that the observed increased volatility in economic fluctuations is a result from state intervention under these new economic policies that have reduced policy effectiveness. To quote: The NEP not only lay greater stress on market forces but on opening up of the economy to foreign capital. This imposes constraints on policies since government cannot control the external environment which is governed by international finance capital- a force far more powerful than the Indian state hence able to dictate to it. He argues that since the interest ofShow MoreRelatedExamining Comparable Element in Public Management 1554 Words   |  6 Pagesas a tool to analyze the weakness and strength of the government’s structure in order to c over their loophole across regional and global survey research (Wilson, 2011). The terms of â€Å"Comparative† also play an important role guiding what government should do in order to succeed in their structures, it also helps government to analyze the gaps of their national and social settings. Moreover, public management is currently becoming government’s main focus on achieving their goals in creating an effectiveRead MoreGovernments Importance in National Competitveness Essay1784 Words   |  8 Pageswhich a country is capable of generating more wealth than its competitors in world markets’. It is known that in order for economies to develop and increase social welfare within its country; national competitiveness must exist to achieve this. Economic performance, government efficiency, business efficiency and infrastructure are all factors of national competitiveness. Throughout this essay I will discuss the government’s importance and assessing diff erent ways in which it can influence national competitivenessRead MoreEssay on The Great Big World and China4481 Words   |  18 Pagesthe shift of the government’s priorities away from lofty ideological principles and toward sustained economic growth. This shift can be seen during the reforms of the late 1970s, where the Communist Party promoted ‘twin pillars’ of economic growth and nationalism. (Economy, 9) The groundwork for a global China starts to emerge when, as a result of loosening of economic trading restrictions, the country and government begins to see the economic benefits of joining an interconnected economy. The economicRead MoreThe Conflict Between the Ukraine and Russia Essay1614 Words   |  7 Pagessince its post-Soviet independence began as a protest against the government dropping plans to forge closer trade ties with the European Union. The conflict between Russia and the Ukraine stems from more than twenty years of weak governance, the go vernment’s inability to promote a coherent executive branch policy, an economy dominated by oligarchs and rife with corruption, heavy reliance on Russia, and distinct differences between Ukraines population from both Eastern and Western regions in termsRead More International Capital Mobility Essay examples2849 Words   |  12 Pagesworld economy is a fact of life. At some point in the 1990s the process achieved critical mass and people started to sit up and take notice. Many were apprehensive. Today, almost all of us are aware that our lives are being shaped by an interconnected world economy of cross-border flows of trade, finance and technology. In our hearts, we know that there is no going back.† -Maria Livanos Cattaui, Secretary General of the International Chamber of Commerce. As evidenced by theRead MoreEssay on SWOT Analysis of Commonwealth Bank of Australia3124 Words   |  13 PagesAustralian financial services industry. It is a brand that has evolved over its 102 years of operation with a strong brand history. Commonwealth Bank brand is highly regarded and trusted within the Australian financial services industry. Other well known brands under the Commonwealth Bank Group includes Colonial First State, CommInsure, ASB (New Zealand), Sovereign, FirstChoice, CommSec, and Bankwest. Strength – Scale Commonwealth Bank has a strong presence in Australian financial services industryRead MoreBitcoin And Its Impact On The Economy1836 Words   |  8 Pagesfour years. (Mullan, 2014) Although Satoshi Nakamoto has withdrawn, the community continues to flourish exponentially, with many developers improving the software. The context in which Bitcoin emerged was when the world is experiencing financial unrest and global banking crisis. Appearing to be a quick remedy for the bad economic situation plague rooted from banks, BItcoin quickly took on as an alternative way of payment. In comparison, it seemed to be a more sterile way to purge the economy in comparisonRead MoreStrategies to Achieve Competitive Advantage: Comparison of Nissan and Hyundai in Car Industry2982 Words   |  12 PagesGovernment should also play an active role in providing institutions and supportive industrial policies to enhance the economy. Last but not least, a good adaptive strategy is required in order to compete in the ever-changing economy. The interactions of these three factors together with the presence of innovation in the evolutionary learning process could then yield Nissan and Hyundai with distinctive competitive advantage over a long period of time. Role of multinational corporations and theRead MoreIdentify the Mission, Values and Key Objectives of an Organization of Your Choice and Assess the Influence of Stakeholders4521 Words   |  19 Pages Defend Human Rights, Against Animal Testing, Activate Self-Esteem, Protect Our Planet. OUR CHARITABLE FOUNDATION We also have our own charity, The Body Shop Foundation. Launched in 1990 (registered charity no. 802757) we give financial support to pioneering, frontline organisations that otherwise have little hope of conventional funding. The Foundations focus is to assist those working to achieve progress in the areas of human and civil rights, environmental and animal protectionRead MoreChile And The Us Banking Industry9279 Words   |  38 Pages The present working paper is referred to the analysis of some â€Å"financial benefits† that banking institutions would be receiving as Too Big to Fail (TBTF) banks. The request is whether those institutions are constantly subsided from governments or it is merely a hypothetical idea. For those purposes, it is analyzed the Chilean banking industry to disclose the implicit subsidy in the South American country. In order to answer the posited questions, first it is cited some similarities between Chile

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